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Soybean extraction meal SUPER HIPRO 48%

Soybean extraction meal HIPRO 46%Soybean extraction meal HIPRO 46%

  • Moisture max 12.5%, N-substances min 46%, fat min 1.5%, fiber max 4%

Rapeseed extraction mealRapeseed extraction meal

  • N-substances + fat min 34.5%, moisture max 12.5%

Maize germ extraction mealMaize germ extraction meal

  • Dry granulated feed that replaces concentrates, grain meal and soybean extraction meal in feed ration and thus reduces feed costs
  • Min. 86% dry matter, N-substances 260g/kg, fiber 120g/kg, fat 30g/kg

Corn dregsCorn dregs

  • Easy to digest, economical source of protein, energy, organic acids, vitamins and minerals
  • Dry matter 92.8%, N-substances 20.8%, fat 2.3%, fiber 8.7%

Corn glutenCorn gluten

  • High quality, concentrated source of protein
  • Dry matter 90.4%, N-substances 62.7%, fat 5.3%, fiber 0.6%
  • Big bag or in bulk

DDGS – distiller’s dried grains with solublesDDGS – distiller’s dried grains with solubles

  • Dry matter min 86%, N-substances min 26%, fiber min 9%, fat min 9%

Malt sproutsMalt sprouts

  • Dried granulated feed
  • Dry matter 90-95%, N-substances 280g/kg, fat 16g/kg, fiber 156g/kg